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"Rondofile has been an amazing tool for Kuringai Youth Orchestra.  It enables our musicians to mark up the music on the fly, which is really important at elite level when the expression and dynamics means everything.  Some say the Rondofiles played a role in KYO winning the 2014 Sydney Eisteddfod.


The open-front-tab allows KYO musicians direct access to their music. Marking up their music on-the-fly enable very effective rehearsal session and our musician can capture new insights on the spot.  Experienced educators know this well."


                                  Man Yiu LEE | President


                                  Kuringai Youth Orchestra |



                                  Kuringai Youth Orchestra- Proud winner of 2014 Sydney Eisteddfod



“Hi Jeanie, …….If you wish I’d be happy to include a personal endorsement on behalf of []  as your product does effectively address a long term problem that many teachers (including myself) have encountered in their teaching activities and there’s no doubt many of our colleagues would benefit from knowing about it……..   

…………     At last an excellent product that solves the problem…. no more wrestling with those plastic sleeves!

Warrick Dobbie, LL.M (ANU) , ASCM , LTCL (T), DSCM (Syd. Con.) , Grad.Dip.Ed. , Dip.Law , FTCL

leading Australian music educator, cellist

editor of


“Hi Jeanie, Your Rondofile are proving very popular with our orchestra students…”



Suzuki Talent Education Association  (NSW)


“Hope sales are going well. The rondofile is proving popular”

Regards to you,

Karriean H.

Parkes. 2870


“Our piano teacher, Carol V….., showed us the other day and was singing your praises! Thanks in advance.”

John M.

Ivanhoe, VIC


“Hi Jeanie, Your rondofiles have been a great success. I would like to order some more please.”

“Hi Jeanie, Thank you for your parcel, which arrived yesterday. My students love your concept and want to buy more.”


Carol V.

Hawthorn East, VIC


“These look great! Well done for making them available for purchase. I would like these asap so please let me know the cost so I can transfer it later today."

Kind regards,

Liane M.

ISM Bunbury, WA


“Dear Rondofile, Thank you for creating such a wonderful product! Many thanks.”

Kind regards,

Sally-Anne B.

The Scots College, Bellevue Hill


“Dear Jeanie, Thank you for coming up with the brilliant solution that is ‘Rondofile’, to every musicians nightmare – shiny plastic that catches the stage lighting at the wrong angle whilst performing!

Kind regards,

Tim B.

Cellist, Teacher & HSC Music Consultant, Kincoppal-Rose Bay School

Co-Director/Baroque Cello, Salut! Baroque inc.


“To Rondofile, Thankyou very much for sending me a sample of your very clever way of dealing with individual sheets of music – no more shining surfaces!! Plus, you can write on them!”

Thankyou again, God bless,

Ruth F,

Temora 2666


“Hi Jeanie, Thanks for the prompt delivery of the Rondofiles – everyone was excited to get theirs yesterday!”

Philippa W.

Arden Anglican School, Beecroft


“Hi Jian, Thanks for the folder. It’s very good and I used it at a gig on the weekend! The other thing I found useful is that because there is no plastic across the paper you don’t get any glare from the stage lights. Just thought this might be another selling point for you..”

Kind Regards,

Simon S.

Director of Music, Barker College, Hornsby


“Hi Jeanie and Jian, Could I order some more folders please?”

Margaret D.


“Hi Jeanie, Thanks, the rondofiles arrived today. I’m thrilled with the 20-page black files!”

Janet H.


“Hi, I was recently referred to your website. Great product idea!”




“Hi Jeanie, I’d like to place an order…… It’s a fantastic idea and I wish you all the very best success!”

Many thanks,



“Hi Jeanie, Thank you for inventing this product. I would like to order   ………..”



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