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RONDOFILE is an Australian owned company which started in late 2013 by two Sydney “music mums” whose children took private music lessons and participated in numerous music ensembles at school.  

The rationale behind creating this unique folder is to make annotation on music quicker and easier 
for teachers, musicians and instrumentalists. As musicians, we all know how fiddly and time-consuming 
it is with the ordinary plastic pocket display folders whenever we want to annotate on the music sheet. Rondofile has solved this problem with its specially designed plastic sleeve which incorporates side tabs to fasten the paper down.  This leaves the majority of the music sheet exposed as a workable area for 
direct annotations. 

Hence the “1st Generation” -  Rondofile 20 (black) and Rondofile 30 (silver) display folders were born, 
appearing for the first time on the market in February 2014. 

“At last an excellent product that solves the problem …. no more wrestling with those plastic sleeves !”                                                                                                           

“A really practical product for performers and for use in the music classroom - finally you can organise all your public domain music resources from the Internet while still keeping them readily accessible for daily use.”                                                                                    

“ No more annoying reflections, no more glare from shiny plastic pockets.”                                                                                    

By July 2015, our “New Generation” Rondofile range was developed which introduced the folders - Rondofile Plus (larger than A4 sized-page) and Jot (10-page, blue and green).  

In September 2016, the long-awaited Rondofile Binder Refills and Binder Pro were produced in the Rondofile Pro range of professional folders. Included in this range were also folders for band, 
orchestra and choir. Finally, these specialised folders were readily available to the Australian market - Performance Pro, Ensemble and Choir. 

We are now very excited to introduce to the market in July 2017 and at MMC  (Maryborough Music Conference) 2017 a deluxe choir folder - Choral Pro, and our new styling of the Rondofile 20 and Rondofile 30 folders. They are Rondofile 20 BOOK and Rondofile 30 BOOK. 

RONDOFILE – UNIQUE MUSIC FOLDERS have been purchased by several thousands of teachers 
and musicians through our website and continue to be a huge success. They are suitable for all levels 
of education and to a whole variety of musicians’ needs. We are proudly Australian owned. 
Our products are of high quality and are readily available in Australia. 

“ Thank you for letting me know …. I can assure you I show these to every musician and teacher I meet! I absolutely love these files! I use them for all my personal music performances and am so glad I have the budget now to start using them at school.”         Alicia, Queens Park, WA. 

“ Hi Guys,  Let me preface this with saying that I really do love the Rondofile system and it has made a huge difference to, and impact on, my practice as a professional classical guitarist ”       Callum, Lyneham, ACT. 

“ Received my Performance Pro folder and A4 Rondofile display folder today. Thank you. These are great for what I need with my songwriting! “           Steve, Rosebery, NT. 

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